About Us

Note: We're not professionals, we are a bunch of young
souls with intentions to put a smile on your face 😊.



When we surprise someone special, we convey a secret message without ever telling them that we love them and care for all that they have been in the past and what they are for you today. At  Booh.in, we value relationships of every kind, with your friend,  girlfriend, wife, father, mother, brother, sister and all those whom you value and emphasize. There're lots of feelings and emotions that we can't narrate to the people we love and care about the most. Gifts are a simple way of saying that I love you and value your presence in my life. That's what took us forward to found  Booh.in . 



No matter how much you love and care for someone, there're times when you have to give forth all the empathy you have for them. Our purpose of starting  Booh.in  is simple and sweet, to put a smile on the face of your beloved ones.  We're not professionals and do not strive to be one, we're young souls with the purpose to make others happy. We aim to be more than a gifting website, give your near and dear ones, not just a gift but an experience and a memory to submerge deeply into them.




What we sell is what we would like to buy.  Every single product tabulated in our store is consciously handpicked and curated by our team members. We sell only those products which give us goosebumps and we would love to have with us and the same we want for our customers. Our goal is to spread the quirkiness to everyone with our awesome funny gifts and to make everyone smile whenever they give or receive any gift from us. In this expedition of spreading quirkiness, there are no ends, only quest.



If you have any suggestions, questions or complaints then, please feel candid to contact us by any means given below. We are ordinary people just like you, maybe be there could be space for improvements and we're always open to your valuations opinion about our store. Even if you just want to say "Hello", we will be more than happy to interact with you. 

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Email: support@booh.in

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